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Thursday, December 7, 2023

MyLahore declared the ‘Best caterer’ at Bradford Curry Awards, 2023

MyLahore, a pan UK chain of restaurants won the Best Caterer title at the Bradford Curry Awards, held on Monday, 10 July at the Bradford Hotel.

The restaurant has also been catering for various events and venues for quite a time, serving up a variety of fusions of desi and continental food, a combination which MyLahore specialises at.

The other nominees in the category were, Ambala, Krahi & Handi, Shalamar and Shimlas.

The journey for MyLahore started 21 years back in 2002 with an aim to carry forward the British Asian legacy. MyLahore, in these years, has had the opportunities to serve and feed eminent personalities, like Prince William and Princess Kate.

MyLahore had also played a major role in serving people and catering to the vulnerable during the pandemic.

Mr Ishfaq Farooq, MyLahore director, had spoken to Asian Standard a couple of days before the awards.

“We faced a lot of challenges ourselves too, yet we were giving out food. We weren’t making money; we were in fact losing money because we were giving out free food to the needy. But that didn’t stop us from doing what we do.

“MyLahore is not just a food business. We had the opportunity to do good, give back and help the community, so we used it,” he had said.

Iqbal Shah, Catering manager at MyLahore said:” It’s always a pleasure winning the award. MyLahore has a habit of winning awards, every year. Whenever there’s an award for best restaurant or best caterer, MyLahore is always there. God is, very kind and people, love MyLahore, and that is why they come to us. This is a recognition, it is an encouragement, it motivates us, we are further motivated to win more people and win more awards. We will put more efforts in the future”.

Here’s wishing MyLahore and team a hearty congratulations and best of luck for future endeavours.

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