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Sunday, May 29, 2022

North East Leaders Look Forward To 2022

As the new year approaches Asian Standard has been gathering the thoughts of some of the regions leaders

Cllr Habib Rahman Lord Mayor Of Newcastle Upon Tyne

Councillor Habib Rahman, Lord Mayor of Newcastle, said “I pledge to promote respect, tolerance and equality and I promise that I will be the voice for the voiceless, I will stand up for the displaced, disadvantaged and marginalised.  I will oppose all homophobic, sexist, disability discriminatory, antisemitic, Islamophobic an racist acts, actions and behaviours. I will stand in solidarity with all victims and survivors of discrimination and I will support and promote all anti-discrimination efforts.

“I commit to do all I can to protect each one of our Citizens and to continue to inspire and motivate people of all genders, generations and races to achieve their full potential and become active Citizens. I will continue to celebrate the rich diversity of our community by participating in a range of events and activities that encourage inclusivity such as mela, Pride and Chinese New Year. And I pledge to continue to challenge deep rooted inequalities, systemic discrimination and institutional racism and promote equality and equal opportunities for all regardless of age, race, religion, sexuality, gender, or disability

Sunderland Council Leader Graeme Miller

The leader of Sunderland City Council Cllr Graeme Miller said: “As we head towards the end of the year, it’s a time when people reflect and remember – and for anyone who has lost a loved one, it is a particularly important time.

“For a good part of the year the number of people allowed to attend funeral services and gatherings was restricted in line with government guidelines. This has made what is a very difficult time even more challenging, as people haven’t always been able to mark the passing of a loved one in the way they might have chosen.

“Everyone will grieve and remember in their own way, and whilst no two people’s experiences in terms of loss are the same, we hope that today’s message will bring you some comfort and an opportunity to reflect and remember.

“Our thoughts are in remembrance of all who have died this year and with the residents at this time of year.

I am looking forward to a 2022 where we finally get through Covid, people get back to fully enjoying all aspects of life and living, and where I hope we all remember to be a little bit kinder to each other every day.”

Leader Of South Tyneside Council Tracey Dixon

Over on South Tyneside Council leader Councillor Tracey Dixon sends a new year message to the borough:

“The pandemic has shone a spotlight on those who need help most and our communities have responded, with many people helping others in our towns, villages, and neighbourhoods.

“I offer my personal thanks to the many volunteers who continue to step forward and contribute to this community effort across the borough. In doing so, they will be helping to provide things like food, support, and companionship to those who need it most. That kind-heartedness and solidarity is vital all year round – but it is especially important at this time of year.

“Their spirit is exemplary and demonstrates why South Tyneside is such a great place to live, with people caring for and supporting each other.”

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