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Monday, June 27, 2022

People are being advised not to show lateral flow tests on social media

A fresh warning for people not to show the code from their lateral flow test results online has been made to everyone across the region.

Asian Standard has learned criminal gangs are waiting in the wings to exploit individuals by scanning the results to create fake covid passes. There are also fears those who are still infected could steal the pictures to avoid isolation.

What’s more, burglars could target houses they know are empty if a person provides a negative result and isn’t confined to their home.

Last month Sky News reported fake or fraudulent EU Covid certificates were being advertised online by criminal groups. In fact, Italian authorities suspended 17 public and private messaging platforms, advertising the supply of illegal Covid-19 vaccination certificates.

Shahzad Ali, is CEO of Get Licensed, an organisation responsible for training individuals to work in the security industry. He explained: “Covid passes will compromise the safety of venues like nightclubs so it’s best not to share lateral flow tests online.

“For the gangs whilst grossly unethical and potentially very dangerous, it is also illegal to use/supply/distribute fake Covid passes and could see you rack up a fine of £10,000 should you be caught.

“This is just a new complication that door supervisors will soon become used to facing. It was always inevitable that fake Covid passes would start to appear as soon as there were rumours of them being introduced.

“When we consider the consequences of people who are especially forthcoming with their beliefs, it could make the job much more dangerous.”

“There is obviously going to be a market for Covid passes, because there will be people who want to go about their life like normal and not have to take Covid tests for things they didn’t have to before, so it is extremely important that you look after your Covid pass.”

With a surge in cases of omicron the illegal practice is growing at an alarming rate as others look to make financial gain from the process.

Shahzad added: “Our advice would be to avoid posting any test on social media, don’t share the code from the lateral flow you have taken because others could register it as their test.”

In the light of recent government advice millions of people are taking lateral flow and PCR tests across the UK leading to a shortage because of demand. But it’s vital those taking a test don’t produce their results on social media.

It’s important to remember a pass is required for venues including clubs and indoor, non-seated events for more than 500 people.

They also need to be shown at outdoor non-seated events for more than 4,000 people, as well as any setting where more than 10,000 will gather.

For the time being the government are sticking with full plan B guidelines.


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