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Monday, June 27, 2022

“People within our community are six times more likely to get DIABETES”.

Kumon Y’all teams up with Diabetes UK to tackle diabetes within Savile town, Dewsbury

Project manager of Kumon Y’all, Farooq Yunus and his students are on the mission with the help of Diabetes UK and Thriving Kirklees to educate thousands of South Asian families who are 6x times likely to get diabetes.

Farooq Yunus, who started Kumon Ya’ll, a charity based in Savile Town, Dewsbury was founded in February 2008 to empower students in helping within the community.

Every year, Kumon Y’all work alongside many charities based in Kirklees and this year after results showed that South Asians were more likely to suffer from diabetes Mr Yunus and his team decided to work with Diabetes UK. Mr Yunus and the students who work with him were able to raise £2000 for Diabetes UK last year and are now wanting to work together to deliver seminars across Kirklees to explain the importance of eating healthily and the importance of exercising.

To create a more impactful message, students aged between 14-18 will deliver the session this Sunday at Zakaria Mosque based in Dewsbury. Mr Yunus explained the reasoning for allowing the students to deliver such an important session is because:

“We believe at Kumon Y’all very strongly that when you get a young person to stand up and speak, it’s more beneficial compared to an older person who speaks because it’s more powerful. It also makes you feel guilty because you’re getting taught by someone younger which makes you want to better yourself”.

Mr Yunus added how the students had been preparing for ‘hundreds of hours’ to create a very effect session where people can ask questions after the talk is completed. Emma Parke, one of the key members from Diabetes UK will be travelling down from Liverpool and attending Zakaria mosque this Sunday to answer any questions and give tips on how you can tweak your meals to make them healthily.

The session will be delivered by the students in Urdu for the elderly so they’re able to realise how important it is to understand diabetes and how to cope with having diabetes.

The seminars are not only delivered for the men in the evening but also in the afternoon for the woman as Mr Yunus explains, “It’s very important for the women to also understand the importance of diabetes and how it can impact a person’s life”.

For this reason, the session will be delivered twice, one for the women at 1:30PM by girls who have also been preparing to deliver the talks for several weeks and for the men which will take place at 6:30PM.

The project begins at Zakaria mosque, but My Yunus and his team are hopeful to speak at a variety of mosques to educate those interested.

If you would like to enquire about booking the team, their email is provided below: Enquiries@KumonYall.co.uk

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