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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

PM Rishi Sunak outlines determination ‘to stop the boats’

PM Rishi Sunak has this morning stated his clear determination to proceed with his plans to send illegal immigrants to Rwanda, despite the Bill being constantly blocked by the House of Lords.

In a speech broadcast live on TV, he outlined his stance on the controversial issue:

“Enough is enough. No more prevarication, no more delay. Parliament will sit there tonight and vote, no matter how late it goes. No ifs, no buts, these flights are going to Rwanda.”

He went on to state the key purpose of the policy:

“We are going to deliver this indispensable deterrent, so that we break the business model and save lives”.

He also listed to the raft of measures put in place and ready to go immediately when the legislation goes through.

“To quickly process claims, we have 200 dedicated case workers ready and waiting to deal with any legal cases quickly and decisively. The judiciary have made available 25 court rooms and identified 150 judges.”

He continued:

“Once the process is complete, we will physically remove people. We have put an airfield on standby, booked commercial charter planes with specific slots, and we have 500 highly trained individuals ready to escort illegal migrants all the way to Rwanda.”

He went on to repeat his solid determination to see the plans through:

“These flights will go come what may. No foreign court will stop us from getting flights off.”

He also talked about accusations from many across the political spectrum that the policy is inhumane.

“The truth is the opposite. We are in a battle with callous, sophisticated criminal gangs who care nothing for the lives they risk in unseaworthy dinghies. Nine people have died trying to cross the channel just this year.”

“We need to disrupt the business model of people smuggling gangs and save lives.

“The only way to stop the boats is to eliminate the incentive to come.”

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