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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Voices of Unity: Diverse crowds at Bradford protests against war on Gaza

The war in Gaza, which began as a reaction to Hamas’s attack on Israel on 7 October, has sparked ongoing protests globally, with one such march drawing attention in Bradford last Saturday.

On Saturday 20 April, people from Bradford and surrounding areas gathered in solidarity against the continued bombardment of the Gaza strip and military action in the Occupied West Bank. Organised by Bradford Friends of Palestine, in conjunction with Bradford Speaker’s Corner and Nation of Al Quds, the peaceful march saw over 1000 protesters convene at Thornbury roundabout before marching down Leeds Road.

Pro Palestine protesters gathered in Centenary Square Image: BFOP

Among the demonstrators were individuals from diverse backgrounds, including Muslims, Jews, children, and locals, all united in their condemnation of the violence. The march culminated outside City Hall, where impassioned speeches were delivered, and attendees engaged in activities such as face painting and enjoying baked goods.

Speakers at the event included a retired history teacher, a physician from Gaza, a representative from Bradford College’s UCU, and a local Imam. They highlighted the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza and criticised British companies for their involvement in arms sales to Israel. Additionally, they urged protesters to hold political parties accountable for their stance on the crisis, particularly in the upcoming local elections.

Dr Abdelaal Elfarra speaking outside City Hall Image: BFOP

A spokesperson for Bradford Friends of Palestine emphasised the importance of continued activism, calling for an end to arms sales to Israel, the removal of obstacles to aid delivery in Gaza, and an immediate ceasefire.

“We continue to protest against this brutal, unjust, and genocidal war in Gaza and the Occupied Palestinian Territories,” the spokesperson stated. “Our leading political parties need to pay attention to the concerns of the majority of UK citizens who profoundly disagree with the government’s handling of this crisis.”

The event concluded with an invitation for attendees to join another action at Teledyne in Shipley on Wednesday 24 April, with further details available on the group’s social media channels.

As the protests in Bradford underscore, the issue of the conflict in Gaza resonates deeply with communities worldwide, reflecting a growing global demand for peace and justice in the region.

Further details on the event and future activities can be found on the group’s Instagram @bfdforpalestine and X (formerly Twitter) handle @BRADFORD_FOP.

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