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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Stroke patient celebrates granddaughter’s nikah ceremony in hospital thanks to staff who went “above and beyond”

A stroke patient at Bradford Royal Infirmary got to be a part of his granddaughter’s wedding thanks to NHS staff who went “above and beyond” to ensure he was part of the happy couple’s big day.

An 82-year-old patient at Bradford Royal Infirmary got to celebrate his granddaughter’s wedding in the hospital thanks to the team on the Stroke and Neurology ward.

Mohammed Ashraf was taken to the hospital after suffering from a stroke a little over a month ago. A father to five and a grandfather to fifteen, the staff on ward 6 made sure that Mr Ashraf could comfortably celebrate his granddaughter’s wedding and see them in person on their nikah day.

Mr Ashraf has five children and fifteen grandchildren.

Due to Covid-19 regulations, patients at Bradford Royal Infirmary are usually only allowed one designated visitor per their stay in the hospital. However, the staff made an exception after finding out that it was his granddaughter’s big day.

Mr Ashraf’s granddaughter, Laraib Tariq tied the knot with her husband Mohammed Junaid on Saturday. After a debate about whether to postpone the wedding until her grandad got better, the happy couple decided to go ahead with the wedding after getting her maternal grandfather’s blessing.

The newlyweds got to see the bride’s granddad in the hospital after the ceremony took place. The helpful stroke and neurology team not only provided them with a private room to meet in, but they also decorated it with balloons, banners, and even provided a cake for them to share.

The bride’s uncle, Nasir Ashraf said: “My father had a stroke on 2 January, and we didn’t know whether the wedding was to go ahead.

“A few weeks before the wedding, when he was in and out of consciousness, I asked him whether we should cancel it and through his breath, he said no, do not cancel the wedding, which was the first time that we have had a response from him while in the hospital.”

They celebrated with some cake after the wedding ceremony.

“I asked the hospital to allow my niece and her husband to see my father on their nikah day. We weren’t expecting them to do what they did. We were expecting them to roll my father into the corridor to have a really quick visit.

“The hospital set up a side room for them, they decorated the room with balloons, a display table, and a cake, it was lovely. I was touched by it because we weren’t expecting it, we were expecting to see him, kiss him and be on our way but they went above and beyond. For these memories, we are ever so grateful.”

Mr Ashraf added: “We set up a video call during the wedding for him, as well. A nurse set up an iPad so he could watch the whole event.”

In a tweet, the Stroke and Neurology ward, said: “Patient has been in hospital for 34 days. He has had limited visits with family, due to current restrictions. Today was his granddaughter’s wedding.

“A very emotional day for all. Patient has had an amazing day.”

Asian Standard has reached out to Bradford Royal Infirmary for a comment. Check back regularly for updates.

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