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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Teesside Hospital Trust issues cyber-attack warning over Ukraine invasion

The South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust have written to trusts across the country warning a harmful cyber attack could be imminent as the Russia – Ukraine conflict continues.

Now more than a week into the crisis thousands of civilians have already lost their lives as the Russians enter Ukraine’s top cities. Asian Standard has learned more than 800,000 souls have fled the country with the majority heading for Poland.

As cyber attacks can affect any large organisation The trust’s digital director Manni Imiavan has warned that staff need to be vigilant in the days ahead as the conflict escalates.

He explained: “There is a heightened sense of something imminent in terms of heightened security in the light of what’s going on in Eastern Europe.

“Intelligence we have been getting, they believe there could be a cyber-attack any time soon, so we do need to raise our cyber security profile. We are already working on security awareness among employees.”

Five years ago, the NHS was hacked in what was termed ‘the WannaCry attack, cosying the UK a staggering £92million. It also brought the service to a complete standstill

Cyber-attacks are vicious in the sense they can expose, steal disable or even destroy data and information through unauthorized access to computer systems. The results can be devastating for those involved, and also affect the public.

Mr Imiavan added: “We are doing a number of things, now we have got the cyber awareness session and training for all board members and that’s scheduled for March 29.

“That was in the calendar anyway. We are doing more than that, we have extended that level of training for all staff so they can access our information about cyber preparedness.

“We have got a range of different tools that we currently deploy, but it comes down to individuals’ awareness and vigilance really.

“We continue to push messages out there to the wider team in terms of being careful and if they are worried about anything then they should report it to IT services. It’s all about awareness and vigilance.”

This is then all reported on a national level to the NHS. We understand health management has written to trusts across the country to ensure they are aware of a possible threat and their systems are up to scratch.



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