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Monday, April 22, 2024

Will Sunak be replaced before the next election?

Over the weekend the future of Rishi Sunak as PM has been hotly debated. However, despite the controversy, a key member of the Conservative Party has now stated that Rishi Sunak will remain as PM in the upcoming elections. Transport Secretary Mark Harper has dismissed the rumours, calling on his colleagues to “have some confidence” in the current PM.

This statement comes in response to many MPs recently expressing concerns and seeking new leadership.

Previously, with current polls putting Labour over twenty points ahead of the Tories, many in Westminster have been calling for him to be removed before the current election to boost support from the public.

Facing drops in support and MPs defecting to Reform UK, pressure is mounting over who should lead the party into the coming election.

But who would take his place as PM?

The current favourite is Penny Mordaunt, who has substantial support from the right wing of the Conservative Party. Working as leader of the House of Commons since 2022, one vital skill that she excels as her prowess as a debater. With controversial policies being debated in Parliament in the run up to the election, this could prove a deciding factor in winning votes.

Penny has also led the way for women in UK politics as the first woman to hold position as minister for the armed forces. Her focus on economic growth as the key solution to improving life in the UK has won considerable support.

Suella Braverman is also a possibility. A controversial figure with some controversial ideas, she has stated previously that she would see becoming PM as the “greatest honour”.

Suella has won both support and also detractors with her strong stance on immigration, and the Rwanda policy. She has also caused a storm with her scepticism about trade policies with India, arguing that it could cause immigration issues.

As Rishi Sunak has recently met with the Indian PM to help build trade and cultural links between the UK and India, this could prove a source of controversy if she is put forward to replace him.

With these two key figures gathering support, Mr Sunak could face a tough time to remain in power on the run up to the election.

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