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Monday, June 17, 2024

Poetry takes centre stage in Batley library after 2 years on Inter Faith Week

The poets within Batley held their first in-person poetry session after two years to mark Inter Faith Week.

The event which takes two-hours was held at Batley Library which brings people from all cultures to share their passion of poetry together once a year. The group had not met each other since 2019 due to the COVID pandemic which took place last year. The session which took place marked exactly 2 years since their last event.

Because of the pandemic the event did not take place in person last year but was available for members to join via online.

This year at Batley Library, poets all came together once again with new hopeful joiners who also attended the event. People from across the nation joined to share their favourite poems and even creating their own to share amongst the rest who attended. The Gujarati poets shared their unique style by performing their poems in English and Gujarati.

IMG: Thought Catalog/Pexels

Earlier in the year, the poets worked alongside a partnership with Kirklees Cohesion and Safer Kirklees on the Poems of Hope Tour. The tour was aimed to target hate crime, exactly what they are and why it’s so important to report any types of crimes which take place. With the addition of many other poems about hope which took place.

The positive impact poetry can bring on people is a symbol of how these poets work together and join each other to share their passion of poetry.

Batley Poet and one of the Directors of Batley Smile, Mohamed Saloo said: “We’ve all been through so much and holding an in-person poetry event has been something we’ve been looking forward to – and it did not disappoint”.

“The power of the poets echoed in the applause as every poem touched out souls. To add the diversity and friendliness that Batley Poets attract to the mix and we had the everyday people who live in our local towns showing how diversity is beautiful”.

If you have a poem which you’d like to share, get into contact with Batley Poets on their official website www.batleypoets.co.uk and see over 150 original poems from fifty different poets.

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