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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Police in Bradford tackle harassment of women and girls from motorists

One man was reported for shouting at an undercover female police officer.

Police in Bradford spent last night carrying out an operation to tackle motorists shouting at women and girls from their vehicles, with one man reported for shouting at an undercover female officer.

Officers from across Bradford city and district teams, including those from the Steerside Enforcement Team, were out on patrol last night.

The Steerside Enforcement Team is the force’s dedicated initiative for dealing with anti-social and dangerous driving.

The police were specifically targeting people who shout things at women and girls from vehicles. In a tweet, the Steerside Enforcement Team explained that this sort of behaviour “will not be tolerated”.

Police stopped one van after the occupant was caught shouting at an undercover female officer and the individual was reported for breaching a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO).

PSPOs can be put in place by councils to prevent certain activities from being carried out in a defined public area and give the local authority a tool to help deal with persistent issues that are damaging communities.

The purpose of PSPOs is to keep public spaces safe, ensuring they can be enjoyed free from anti-social behaviour.

On Twitter, the Steerside Enforcement Team said: “Op tonight with officers from across Bradford; Targeting people who are shouting things from their vehicles at women/girls.

“This will not be tolerated! The occupant of this vehicle shouted at undercover female officers. Reported for breach of PSPO.”

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